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Smart4Res: Report on improved NWP with higher spatial and temporal resolution

Wind resource modelling of entire sites using Large Eddy Simulation – GE

Investigating energy production and wake losses of multi-gigawatt offshore wind farms with atmosperic large-eddy simulation-image

Validation material of Whiffle’s LES ‘GRASP’

The impact of wakes from neighboring wind farms on the production of the IJmuiden Ver wind farm zone

Towards new methods for designing wind turbines

Atmospheric flows in large wind farms

Aeroelastic loads on a turbine exposed to extreme events selected from a year-long large-eddy simulation

GRASP model description & validation report

A Year-Long Large-Eddy Simulation of the Weather over Cabauw

Weather Forecasting Using GPU-Based Large Eddy Simulations


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Whiffle joins the ‘TotalEnergies On’ Program to Accelerate the Energy Transition

Renewable energy transition: examining the impacts of wind energy through simulation

Whiffle Announces Strategic Management Reorganization to Accelerate Innovation and Market Expansion  

New domain size unlocked in the Whiffle Wind web application

Pushing the Boundaries of Numerical Weather Prediction with Advanced HPC Technology 

WINS50: Whiffle’s Giga Large-Eddy Simulation (LES), A Milestone in Wind Energy Analysis

Ultra-high-resolution wind resource and energy yield insights are now accessible via a user-friendly web interface. 

In de media – Whiffle geeft vaart aan energietransitie met nauwkeurigste windvoorspelling ter wereld

In de media – Whiffle and Shell are working on the wind park of the future – using game technology

Research report – Towards new methods for designing wind turbines

In the media – A New Paradigm in Atmospheric Simulation

Whiffle welcomes two new Supervisory Board members

Whiffle announces Joint development agreement with Shell

Whiffle unveils new brand identity

Pondera models wind behaviour with Whiffle’s weather technology

Whiffle secures €3 million to accelerate energy transition with revolutionary weather model

GE Renewable Energy announces joint development agreement for weather technology with Whiffle


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Demystifying blockage effects in wind farms

Demystifying blockage effects 

The Impact of Atmospheric Stability on IJmuiden Ver Production Estimates

Maximizing Wind Farm Efficiency: Exploring Deep Wake Effects in Multi-Gigawatt Projects

Navigating the Complexities of Offshore Wind Farm Performance: IJmuiden Ver


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