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Whiffle Announces Strategic Management Reorganization to Accelerate Innovation and Market Expansion  

Whiffle, is pleased to announce a strategic reorganization in its leadership team, reinforcing its commitment to technological advancement and market expansion. Co-founder Harm Jonker, who has served as CEO since Whiffle’s inception, will devote more time to innovation as the newly appointed Chief Innovation Officer (CINO). Remco Verzijlbergh, co-founder and until now Whiffle’s CTO, is appointed as the new CEO. We are also proud to introduce Thijs van Winden, as our new Chief Technology Officer (CTO).  

Whiffle’s Leadership Update

  • Chief Executive Officer: Remco Verzijlbergh 
  • Chief Innovation Officer: Harm Jonker
  • Chief Technology Officer: Thijs van Winden 

In his role as CINO, Harm Jonker will lead Whiffle’s research and development efforts, concentrating on advancing our Large-Eddy Simulation (LES)-based weather modelling technology. His expertise in atmospheric science will continue to be instrumental in driving Whiffle’s growth into new market segments.  

Remco has been a key architect in the company’s technological evolution and has played an important role in aligning the company’s strategic direction with industry needs. His appointment as CEO marks a new chapter for Whiffle, emphasizing a deepened focus on customer-centric solutions and expansion in the global renewable energy market.  

As our new CTO, Thijs brings a robust track record in technology development and innovation to Whiffle. His deep understanding of our technology stack positions him as an ideal leader for our tech team. Thijs will play a vital role in advancing our technology platform, ensuring smart scaling across multiple verticals. 

Founded as a TU Delft spin-off in January 2015, Whiffle has gained a strong foothold in the renewable energy sector as the leading provider of high-resolution weather forecasting solutions. The success of our LES approach for wind and solar energy has sparked interest from other sectors, requiring continued innovation to further improve and tailor the Whiffle LES weather model to new application areas. 

Whiffle is strengthened in its belief that the transition to a weather-driven renewable energy system demands highly accurate weather information on all fronts. Scaling up our services in the renewable energy sector is therefore one of the cornerstones of our growth strategy for the next years. 

With this strategic Management reorganization, we are optimally positioned to further our mission of turning the weather into a resource for good. 

About Whiffle

Whiffle B.V. was founded in 2015, starting as a spin out of the Dutch Delft University of Technology. With its roots in science, the company continues to use cutting edge R&D to further develop Large Eddy Simulation (LES) models and its unique implementation on high performance computing systems. This resulted in the world’s first Large Eddy Simulation (LES) based operational weather model that produces highly accurate and ultra high-resolution weather forecasts. Application areas of Whiffle’s model include short-term wind and solar power forecasting and wind resource assessments.