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Our range of services is designed to empower renewable energy industries and optimize operations by providing accurate meteo forecasts, precise wind and solar power production forecasts, comprehensive wind resource modelling and detailed energy yield assessments. 

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Meteo forecasting

Experience the direct value of Whiffle’s meteo forecasts, tailored for renewable energy industries to lower imbalance costs and optimize profits.

Whiffle Meteo forecast
Whiffle Power forecast

Power forecasting

Unleash the value of precise wind and solar power production forecasts, empowering energy traders, operators, and utilities to lower imbalance costs and optimize profits.

Whiffle Wind: web application

Run your own LES simulations with just a few simple clicks via Whiffle Wind’s extremely user-friendly web interface. Leverage highly accurate wind insights that capture complex wind flow dynamics such as wakes, turbulence, and blockage and optimize your wind resource and energy yield analysis. 

Whiffle Wind resource modelling
Whiffle Energy yield

Energy yield modelling

Maximize wind farm potential with accurate energy yield modelling, incorporating wind turbines into our fast LES model to analyze flow dynamics, turbulence and wake effects for precise annual energy production projections.

Wind resource modelling

Discover confidence in wind energy development using ultra-high resolution wind resource modelling, assessing local wind climates, flow phenomena and turbulence for optimal site selection.

Whiffle Wind resource modelling

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