Precision weather forecasting
optimizes profits of wind and solar farms

We are changing the game for a cleaner, safer world

We offer precision weather forecasting on a hyper local scale, through scientific prowess and superior computing power

The accuracy of our predictions offers intelligence and mitigates risk in any sector affected by the weather.

How we do it

Whiffle is dedicated to incorporating the latest computing innovations

Large scale weather data

Multi core CPU/GPU engine

100m resolution finecast

Service Areas

Whiffle offers products that enable fine-scale weather forecasts and weather simulations

For wind energy purposes, Whiffle’s ultra-high resolution atmospheric model delivers benefits for power production forecasts and wind resource assessments.

Interested in modelling the dispersion of air pollution caused by for example traffic, industrial processes, wildfires, agriculture or by any other activity? Our model is capable of simulating dispersion characteristics at ultra-high resolution, anywhere in the world.

Calculating local cloud coverage is key to accurately predict the power production of a solar park. Whiffle’s ultra-high resolution atmospheric model is the go-to solution for solar resource assessments or power production forecasts.

By leveraging our precision atmospheric model, the possibilities of providing insights for weather-influenced industries are endless.

We will change the way you see the weather

Whiffle is a scale-up company with its roots at Delft University of Technology. Our expertise covers atmospheric physics and high-end computing, as well as important application areas like renewable energy and dispersion.

Our Partners

Whiffle is proudly working with world class organisations to maximize our impact