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We provide weather forecasts and simulations on a hyper local scale with unmatched precision using advanced science and powerful computing technology

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Our model uses superior computing power to solve the complexities of weather with unparalleled accuracy. Using Large Eddy Simulation (LES), we deliver tailored and reliable forecasts and simulations for diverse industries, empowering our customers with actionable insights.

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Harness our new web app, Whiffle Wind, and unlock the power of Whiffle’s LES-powered weather modelling technology. Master complex wind flow dynamics such as wakes and turbulence – all via an extremely user-friendly interface.


For efficient renewable energy development and operations, Whiffle’s ultra-high resolution atmospheric model delivers benefits for power production forecasts and wind resources assessments.

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Weather intelligence redefined

Reduce weather uncertainties

With Whiffle’s precise forecasting, businesses can proactively plan for adverse weather events, minimizing disruptions and safeguarding assets.

Reduce imbalance costs

By better matching electricity supply and demand, businesses can avoid imbalance penalties, optimizing costs and system efficiency.

More accurate energy yields

Businesses can make more informed decisions on site selection and future energy yields, enhancing operational performance in renewable energy.

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How we do it

Through advanced science and powerful computing technology, we deliver hyper-local weather forecasts and simulations with unmatched accuracy using Large-Eddy Simulation (LES).

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