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Wind resource modelling

Discover confidence in wind energy development using ultra-high resolution wind resource modelling, assessing local wind climates, flow phenomena and turbulence for optimal site selection.

What does it do?

Delivered as timeseries or wind resource maps. For this purpose, Whiffle operates and develops a high-resolution weather model which utilises extremely fast Large Eddy Simulation (LES), a technique known for its high performance in flow modelling. The predicted wind speeds and directions are highly accurate for any geographical location and can be delivered as timeseries or wind resource map.

Complex terrain

Wind resource modelling in complex terrain is presented, where the wind field is visualized in blue and white at a specific hight above sea level.

Main benefits

Whiffle’s model, based on Large Eddy Simulation (LES), runs on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). The GPU implementation allows users to do calculations the size of entire wind farm sites, within viable simulation times. LES is a technique widely known for its accurate flow modelling and turbulence resolving capabilities, especially for complex sites, making it an extremely valuable tool for wind resource assessments. Furthermore, the behaviour of flow phenomena under varying atmospheric conditions is inherently present. Wind resource modelling can be done for any site, from offshore to nearshore and from flat terrain to mountainous areas. Moreover, it can provide insights into external wake effects on new development areas.


For whom?

Whiffle’s ultra-high resolution wind resource modelling capabilities are of direct value to project developers, engineering consultants and wind resource experts in the wind energy value chain.