Precision wind insights for wind resource analysts
Master turbulence, wakes and global blockage effects with a few clicks.

Reduce uncertainties and financial risks relating to wind farm design and planning with Whiffle Wind


Leverage breakthrough wind modelling technology

Harness the precision of Large Eddy Simulation (LES) tailored to your site’s unique challenges, including global blockage and wakes. 


Navigate our user-friendly interface

Our intuitive web-based platform simplifies data input and wind simulations, putting the power of accurate analysis at your fingertips.


Achieve precision crafted for any project site

Achieve accuracy tailored to your specific site requirements, irrespective of terrain complexity, location or the intricacies of wind turbine clusters.

Unlock the full potential of your wind analysis

How it works

  1. Provide Run Setup Data:
    Input turbine specifications and site details.
  2. Submit Your Simulation:
    Confirm the setup and pricing, then launch simulation.
  3. Download Your Outputs:
    Access simulation results for seamless workflow integration.

Transformative features at your fingertips

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Access data based on
real wind insights

Reach out for a personalized demo and receive complimentary sample data generated through our interface.

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LES is at the heart of whiffle's revolutionary wind-modelling technology

LES goes beyond traditional models by capturing complex aerodynamic phenomena such as wakes and blockage.

Proven technology

Whiffle’s advanced LES-based weather model has been harnessed by leading players in the wind sector. With Whiffle Wind, we have taken the next step to make our breakthrough technology accessible by everyone.

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