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At the core of Whiffle’s innovation lies our breakthrough weather modelling technology. With a passion for precision and a commitment to pushing boundaries, we’ve developed a weather model that solves the complexities of the weather and harnesses weather intelligence to your advantage.

Whiffle Technology
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How does it work

Whiffle is revolutionizing numerical weather prediction by using cutting-edge computing technology to run the world’s highest resolution operational weather model. Our technology has the potential to deliver benefits in many economic sectors, but our primary focus has been on the renewable energy market.

Large scale weather data

Our integrated fine-scale weather forecasting system first uses a pre-processing engine to convert large-scale weather data into customised input field.

Multi core CPU/GPU engine

Our atmospheric simulations are crafted to run on massively parallel supercomputing platforms and are fully geared to exploit the spectacular acceleration offered by modern Graphical Processing Units (GPU’s).

100m resolution finecast

As a final step, results are ported to the post-processing engine that applies additional output statistics and prepares data for transfer or visualisation.


Whiffle’s weather model is the ultimate all-in-one solution, providing comprehensive insights in these four main solution areas.


Our versatile weather model offers numerous benefits, a few key advantages shown below, empowering industries with powerful insights.


Whiffle offers products that enable fine-scale weather forecasts and weather simulations, with our primary focus on the renewable energy market. 

Wind energy

For wind energy purposes, Whiffle’s ultra-high resolution atmospheric model delivers benefits for power production forecasts and wind resource assessments.

Solar energy

For solar energy purposes, Whiffle’s ultra-high resolution atmospheric model delivers benefits for power production forecasts and resource assessments.

Air quality

Whiffle’s turbulence resolving atmospheric model explicitly models the air motion responsible for dispersion of particles through the atmosphere.

Atmospheric modelling

Any weather-affected business can benefit from our modelling capabilities, providing accurate representations of small-scale processes like turbulence, surface interactions, and more.

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Want to learn more about our technology? We are glad to share our knowledge and experience with you. Take a deep dive into our technical articles and papers written by our scientists.