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Meteo forecasting

Experience the direct value of Whiffle’s meteo forecasts, tailored for renewable energy industries to lower imbalance costs and optimize profits.

What does it do?

Whiffle operates and develops an extremely high-resolution weather model, based on Large-Eddy Simulation (LES), which can produce short-term forecasts for wind speed, solar irradiance or any other meteorological variable on a very fine scale. Whiffle’s model output can be used as a unique weather source for further processing, or it can be optimized by machine learning algorithms to produce enhanced meteo forecast which can be fully tailored to the customers’ needs.

LES Forecast

Here we see a LES forecast for a large domain in California. Clouds are visualized in white, while wind speeds come alive in green and yellow. Explore the plains east of the hills, revealing surface temperature in orange.

Main benefits

Whiffle’s model allows for an accurate representation of small-scale processes like turbulence, surface interactions, cloud formation and precipitation. The strength of our model is that the actual calculations remain very close to the laws of physics that dictate the processes in the real atmosphere. We therefore do not have to rely on modeling assumptions that are common in traditional weather models. The technology allows increased forecast accuracy in complex terrain, capturing of different cloud formations and provides detailed calculations of solar irradiance. But foremost, it incorporates all effects from the surroundings, including wind turbine wake effects.


For whom?

Whiffle’s ultra-high resolution atmospheric modelling capabilities are of direct value to energy traders, utilities, TSOs, DSOs, operators and owners in the wind- and solar energy value chain. Value is also offered by delivering our services through forecast providers.