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Energy yield modelling

Maximize wind farm potential with accurate energy yield modelling, incorporating wind turbines into our fast LES model to analyze flow dynamics, turbulence and wake effects for precise annual energy production projections.

What does it do?

Accurate yield modelling is a critical element in the wind farm development cycle. The estimation of wind farm power production requires detailed insight in the flow over the site, the effects of surrounding wind turbines and obstacles, wakes and blockage and the performance characteristics of the wind turbines. Whiffle’s extremely fast Large Eddy Simulation (LES) model incorporates wind turbines in the simulation for precise power production estimates.

Offshore wind farms

Here we see a scenario of future wind farms in the Dutch North Sea. The wind field of a large area is presented at a specific height above sea level, where internal and external wake effects become clearly visible by yellow and red.

Main benefits

Whiffle’s model, based on Large Eddy Simulation (LES), runs on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). The GPU implementation allows users to do calculations the size of entire wind farm sites, within viable simulation times. LES is a technique widely known for its accurate flow modelling and turbulence resolving capabilities, especially for complex sites. Furthermore, the behaviour of flow phenomena under varying atmospheric conditions is inherently present. By incorporating wind turbines in the simulation, an accurate representation of wind turbine performance, wakes and blockage for future energy yields is provided.


For whom?

Whiffle’s accurate energy yield modelling capabilities are of direct value to project developers, engineering consultants and energy yield experts in the wind energy value chain.