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Our model uses superior computing power to solve the complexities of the weather with unparalleled accuracy. With advanced algorithms and patented technology, we deliver tailored and reliable forecasts and simulations for diverse industries, empowering our customers with actionable insights.

About Whiffle
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Who we are

Whiffle is a spin-off of Delft University of Technology, based in the Next-Delft scale-up community building in the Netherlands. We combine scientific excellence with a drive to innovate in order to deliver better products to our clients.

We share a hard working spirit and celebrate our successes together. We stimulate learning and personal development, and all your colleagues are eager to learn. We value a pleasant working atmosphere and a good sense of humour. You will be working in a highly dynamic environment, where you have the opportunity to work with leading experts in the fields of atmospheric simulation as well as renewable energy. Your job at Whiffle allows you to make a lasting impact in the field of renewable energy and weather forecasting.

How it started

Whiffle was born from the innovative spirit of two TU Delft scientists: Professor Harm Jonker, specialized in atmospheric physics, and Dr. Remco Verzijlbergh, an expert on energy systems. Together, they saw the boundless potential of the precise weather model developed in Jonker’s research group for renewable energy and beyond. In 2015, the duo took a bold leap, departing from their academic career paths to cultivate this advanced weather model into practical, industry-changing applications with their startup: Whiffle.

“Understanding and predicting advanced atmospheric flows is vital in the era of environmental concerns and energy transformations.”

Together they started exploring ways to turn the simulated 3D worlds of weather, wind, and the atmosphere into valuable services targeted at renewable energy and air-quality applications.

Today, Whiffle, backed by a team of specialists from various disciplines, doesn’t just predict the weather. Our technology revolutionizes weather prediction, turning meteorological data into a pivotal tool for sustainable and strategic planning across multiple weather-impacted industries.

Join our team

We are always looking for exceptional individuals to join our team and contribute their skills and passion to our mission of innovation and excellence. Explore our job opportunities and embark on an exciting journey with us.

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