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Ultra-high-resolution wind resource and energy yield insights are now accessible via a user-friendly web interface. 

Whiffle proudly introduces its latest innovation, Whiffle Wind: an intuitive web application that empowers the wind sector with seamless access to Whiffle’s ultra-high-resolution weather model. This transformative solution provides users with highly accurate wind resource assessments and energy yield estimates, ultimately helping reduce uncertainties and financial risks relating to wind farm design and planning.

A new standard for accuracy and efficiency in wind farm optimization

Whiffle Wind’s standout feature lies in its utilization of a Large Eddy Simulation (LES)-based weather modelling approach, which surpasses the more traditional engineering or CFD-RANS models. While LES has typically catered to a specialized audience, the breakthrough here lies in the user-friendliness of the Whiffle Wind interface, enabling effortless extraction of vital wind farm data. This new web application grants users the ability to easily conduct precise calculations for entire wind farms within commercially viable simulation times.

With just a few clicks, users can gain valuable insights into the impact of blockage, wakes, and turbulence on their wind farms, regardless of terrain complexities, location, or the intricacies of wind turbine clusters. This accessibility solidifies Whiffle Wind as a robust and reliable tool for wind energy professionals worldwide.

Transformative features at your fingertips:

  1. Wind resource assessments: Map the local wind climate of wind farms, even in complex terrains. Whiffle Wind utilizes LES technology, ensuring highly accurate flow modelling for precise assessments.
  2. Energy yield modelling: Incorporate wind turbines in simulations, factoring in atmospheric stability, turbulence, wake, and blockage effects to generate detailed power production data. Simulations cover short periods or multiple years, aiding long-term energy production predictions.
  3. Engineer-friendly output format: Extract data in .csv, .netcdf and .wrg formats, ensuring compatibility with preferred tools and workflows.
  4. Transparent and clear pricing: View pricing details clearly, based on simulation parameters.
  5. Virtual met mast versatility: Validate model outcomes against real-time measurements or amplify measurement datasets for enhanced accuracy.

“Whiffle Wind is a game-changer for the wind energy sector. By seamlessly combining cutting-edge technology with an exceptionally user-friendly interface, we’ve empowered wind energy professionals to optimize their wind farm operations like never before. What was once exclusive to experts is now a powerful tool for all. Whiffle Wind opens doors, simplifies complexities, and places the precision of LES modelling in everyone’s hands.”

Remco Verzijlbergh, Whiffle co-founder

Ready to harness the power of Whiffle Wind?

Explore its capabilities now by visiting: https://whiffle.nl/whiffle-wind/. Whether you’re a seasoned wind analyst or new to the field, Whiffle Wind offers crucial insights that will elevate your wind farm design and planning. Stay tuned for upcoming feature updates, including simulation animations and quantification of explicit wake losses.