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New domain size unlocked in the Whiffle Wind web application

Larger domain capabilities for enhanced wind resource assessments and energy yield analysis

Whiffle Wind, is an easy-to-use web application designed for highly accurate, LES-based, wind resource and energy yield modelling. The app’s recent update extends its capabilities to run simulations for wind farm projects, both onshore and offshore, up to an area of 64km x 64km. Whether you’re looking to place a virtual met mast (12.8km X 12.8km) at a complex location or need reliable yield estimates for your large wind park – the Whiffle Wind web application has got you covered.  ( ⬇️ You can watch the video below to discover some examples of simulations you can easily run via the Whiffle Wind web application.)

Existing tools in the market can often fall short in accuracy or become financially infeasible for larger-scale wind energy projects. Whiffle Wind presents a fast, cost-effective and highly precise alternative.

Our user-friendly web application is powered by Whiffle’s high-fidelity, Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) based weather model, ensuring unmatched precision in various critical areas, including:

  1. Accurate Annual Energy Production Calculation: The application can accurately calculate the Annual Energy Production (AEP), a crucial factor in assessing the viability and profitability of a wind farm.
  2. Detailed Analysis of Aerodynamic Losses: Both internal and external aerodynamic losses can be assessed, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of potential efficiency challenges.
  3. Local Wind Climate Assessment: The virtual met mast feature enables users to evaluate the local wind climate in complex locations, essential for strategic planning and site selection.
  4. Optimized Wind Farm Layouts: The application supports the optimization of various wind farm layouts, taking into account changing environments, such as the emergence of new neighbouring farms or evolving regulations.

If you’re keen on exploring the capabilities of this “self-service” web application for your own wind energy projects, visit our Whiffle Wind page, and fill in the contact form – so we can get you started.

Consultancy for Larger Scale Projects

For challenges involving even larger, multi-gigawatt domains, Whiffle’s Consultancy Team specializes in simulations for wind farm zones up to 200km x 200km. Our team delivers comprehensive wind resource assessment reports, or raw data, customized to meet your project’s specific needs. Drop us a message via: info@whiffle.nl, to find out how we can support you.

About Whiffle Wind

Whiffle Wind is a user-friendly web application that provides users with seamless access to Whiffle’s Large-Eddy Simulation (LES)-powered weather modelling technology. The web app allows users to run their own LES simulations of wind farms or specific sites, with just a few simple clicks. The outputs from Whiffle Wind provide insights that capture aerodynamic phenomena such as turbulence, wakes, blockage and cluster effects, for accurate wind resource and energy yield modelling.