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Pondera models wind behaviour with Whiffle’s weather technology

Pondera has signed a licensing agreement with Whiffle to use their GRASP (GPU-Resident Atmospheric Simulation Platform) software. This will help the Dutch renewable energy consultant to further advance their wind flow modelling capabilities.

Whiffle’s model runs LES (Large Eddy Simulation) weather simulations on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), allowing users to conduct wind studies at very high resolutions. Local weather and flow phenomena, which may have an impact on wind turbine energy production, can thus be calculated very precisely.

The model accounts for well-known phenomena such as wake and blockage effects, land-sea interaction, building, vegetation, and wave impact. It provides a solution for wind farms in difficult-to-predict locations, such as large wind farms where conventional wake models fall short, or wind farms in areas where turbulence is expected.

The GRASP model reduces uncertainty for wind farms in predicting annual energy yield, optimizing wind farm configurations, and gaining a better understanding of the local wind climate.

Pondera and Whiffle already worked together on a Hollandse Kust (noord) project for RVO in 2018. The agreement now enables Pondera to use Whiffle’s cutting-edge software themselves for advanced wind flow modelling.