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Through Precision Weather Forecasting

Whiffle makes renewable energy production more predictable. We offer precision weather forecasting on a hyper local scale, through scientific prowess and superior computing power.

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With our unique and highly accurate forecasts we help you:

How does it work

Whiffle works with an ultra-high resolution atmospheric model, based on Large Eddy Simulation (LES). This model is so precise that it can:

Forecast weather on a scale as small as 10 by 10 meters

Predict weather and flow phenomena on turbine level

Create reliable short-term forecasts of weather and power production

Simulate long timeseries of any meteorological variable on asset level

How does it

benefit you

Whiffle’s innovative weather model makes wind energy production more profitable. Our accurate meteo and power production forecasts support renewable energy producers to:

For whom?

Whiffle’s ultra-high resolution atmospheric modelling capabilities are of direct value to energy traders, utilities, TSOs, DSOs, operators and owners in the wind energy value chain. Value is also offered by delivering our services through forecast providers.

You want to reduce imbalance costs too? Contact us for a free introduction to our innovative weather model.

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