What we do

By applying rigorous physics, computing and AI, we offer precision weather forecasting that optimizes weather-influenced industries. Together, we create a positive impact on society, and accelerate the transition to renewable energy.

Wind Energy

Forecasting and wind resource assessments

Whiffle’s ultra-high resolution atmospheric model is ideally suited for wind energy applications. The model accurately captures local weather and flow phenomena impacting the wind energy production of wind turbines such as global blockage effects, wake effects, vegetation, obstacles and many more. This makes it the perfect technology for wind power forecasting or wind resource assessments.

Solar Energy

Forecasting and solar resource assessments

Whiffle’s atmospheric model is inherently suited for calculating low clouds. The model accurately captures local weather and cloud formations, including stratocumulus, which impacts the solar energy production of solar panels. This makes Whiffle’s model the perfect technology for solar power forecasting and solar resource assessments.

Air Quality

Accurately capture the dispersion of air pollutants

Interested in accurate pollution incident reporting, precise environmental impact assessments or monitoring the air quality? Whiffle’s ultra-high resolution weather model is capable of accurately capture the dispersion of air pollutants through the atmosphere, anywhere in the world. The impact of turbulence, local obstacles, wind, weather phenomena, land-sea transitions, orography on the dispersion of particles through the atmosphere are all taken into account in full detail in our model.

Atmospheric Modelling

Many more applications

Whiffle’s atmospheric model allows for an accurate representation of small-scale processes like turbulence, surface interactions, cloud formation, precipitation and many more. This makes our model the perfect technology for providing unmatched detail on the state of the atmosphere.