The new standard for accurate wind resource
and energy yield modelling

Run your own Large-Eddy Simulations (LES) for your wind farm or site,
in just a few simple clicks, with the Whiffle Wind app

Reduce weather-related uncertainties and risks relating to wind farm design and planning with Whiffle Wind

The Whiffle wind web application is an online tool designed for accurate wind resource and yield modelling. Suitable for analyses at various stages of project development, Whiffle Wind integrates Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) technology with an intuitive web interface to deliver fast results. Utilize Whiffle Wind for use cases such as: turbine interaction modelling, quantifying wake losses and wind flow and turbulence modelling for your project site.


The world’s best weather modelling technology

Leverage technology powered by Large-Eddy Simulation (LES), that can capture local effects such as global blockage, wakes and turbulence at resolutions of 100m or finer.


User-friendly interface, with fast turnaround

Whiffle Wind simplifies data input and wind farm simulations via an intuitive web app. Easily access results of your simulation in  < 48 hours for a whole simulation year.


Precision crafted for any project site in the world

Achieve accuracy tailored to your specific site requirements, irrespective of terrain complexity, location or the intricacies of wind turbine clusters.

How it works

Conduct LES simulations for your wind farm or site with just a few clicks. Depending on project size, results are delivered within 1 to 5 days.

Step 1: Provide

Input met mast details, turbine type, site layout and desired simulation period.

Step 2: Submit

Review the output settings, the simulation setup and price, then submit for processing.

Step 3: Retrieve

Explore the results dashboard with wind statistics, time series data, simulation videos and more.

Why use Whiffle Wind

Harness robust output capabilities

Whiffle Wind is powered by the world's best LES weather model

A full-physics, high-fidelity weather model, the Whiffle LES model excels in capturing atmospheric flows such as wakes and global blockage at resolutions of 100m or finer. 

Proven technology

Whiffle’s advanced LES-based weather model has been harnessed by leading players in the wind sector. With Whiffle Wind, we have taken the next step to make our cutting-edge technology accessible by everyone

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