In de media – Whiffle geeft vaart aan energietransitie met nauwkeurigste windvoorspelling ter wereld

TU Delft-spin-off Whiffle ontwikkelt een innovatief weermodel dat het weer honderd keer fijnmaziger voorspelt dan traditionele modellen. Dit biedt voordelen voor talvan sectoren, maar in de eerste plaats willen oprichters Harm Jonker en RemcoVerzijlbergh er de energietransitie mee versnellen. ‘Hoe beter de weersvoorspelling,hoe lager de kosten van groene stroom’, legt Harm uit. ‘De energie van […]

Research report – Towards new methods for designing wind turbines

Study conducted by TNO and Whiffle about  the new research method that significantly reduces the gap between simulation and reality. The height of wind turbines and the length of their blades are increasing apace. As a result, the huge forces exerted on the blades and rotor hub are becoming even greater. Calculating how wind behaves […]

In the media – A New Paradigm in Atmospheric Simulation

Atmospheric Modelling Using Large-Eddy Simulation Thanks to the enormous engineering successes of recent decades, wind energy is now expected to be the central pillar of the energy transition. To continue the success story, however, several grand challenges still need to be met. On the one hand, the challenges are all related to increasing scale: of […]

Pondera models wind behaviour with Whiffle’s weather technology

Pondera has signed a licensing agreement with Whiffle to use their GRASP (GPU-Resident Atmospheric Simulation Platform) software. This will help the Dutch renewable energy consultant to further advance their wind flow modelling capabilities. Whiffle’s model runs LES (Large Eddy Simulation) weather simulations on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), allowing users to conduct wind studies at very […]

GE Renewable Energy announces joint development agreement for weather technology with Whiffle

Schenectady, NY, July 22, 2021 – GE Renewable Energy announced today that it has entered into an Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with Whiffle, a Netherlands-based weather forecasting technology firm, for application of Whiffle’s ultra-fine atmospheric Large Eddy Simulation (LES) modeling for GE’s wind energy applications. Whiffle’s LES weather modeling uses high performance computing systems for forecasting […]